More planning!

I am a little later in the week for making a meal plan than I usually am but we have been eating  so much soup and we brought back food from our weekend outing that it hasn’t been necessary for me to think!

The boys have class tonight and I want to make another soup because it will feed all of us and I have been feeding them tacos for about 2 months so the soup will be a nice change. I had decided last week on French Onion Soup but they didn’t have class so the soup didn’t get made and now the onions are a little too sad looking for soup. So since I have to shop to replace the onions and get bread to go along with I am going to keep my mind open and check the sales and see what I can come up with. Roasted veggie soup sounds good, beef stew would be hearty and the leftovers can be frozen. But then roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and peas and gravy sounds good. Grilled steak and veg sounds good too! I probably shouldn’t shop when I am hungry but I will be strong and remember that not only am I there to shop but I have work to do there as well. I will do the work part first that will give me a chance to kind of see what’s going on with sales and things and come up with a more firm plan so I don’t break the budget for this week which is 75$.

I made budget!! I was able to get the last few things for the onion soup and the baby asked for Loaded Baked Potato Soup so we shopped for that, got a package of steaks and a case of beer. We also refilled the cheese drawer and got some fancy apple juices! Almost everything was on sale and we went to a bigger market that has lower prices than the little one right by our house.

Tonight we will have the French Onion Soup and tomorrow we will make the Loaded Baked Potato Soup so there will be at least 2 more chats about soup this week before we get to those steaks and give out teeth the workout they will need after all this baby food!!

I’m off to cook, the onion soup is a labor of love!

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