The baby turned 19 on the 5th and we already mentioned that she wants surf and turf for her meal and that my MIL will be coming to help with the scallops so I just have the steaks to sort out. I will end up with either tenderloin or rib-eye steaks for the final meal but I have found NY strip steaks on sale so this is going to be what we experiment on!

Since I don’t know what the scallops are going to taste like outside of their subtle sea flavor I am going to try a few things with the steaks. I had found a 4 pack of the steaks so I will go ahead and cook all 4 so we can see how the leftovers turn out and so I don’t have to freeze any of the meat.  I almost always cook with an ear to the leftovers, they can be eaten as the straight meal that they were cooked as or sometimes those extra bits can be turned into something completely different. *I promise we will talk about leftovers at great length later

Our 4 steaks are seasoned as follows:

*shallot powder and kosher salt

*black garlic, kosher salt and black pepper

*package of Sun Bird Beef Pho soup mix

*package of McCormick Korean BBQ marinade

I feel like the scallops could go any kind of way with the flavors and still compliment the steaks. And if she wants the scallops to be the star of the show then we can do super simple salt and pepper on the steaks but it’s all in the deciding!

So after grilling and much scrutinizing of these 4 steaks she has decided that for the Special Dinner she wants to combine the shallot powder from the 1st steak with the black garlic and pepper from the 2nd steak and we definitely want the salt. We also decided that the Korean BBQ marinade needs to be a regular thing that we season with! 

Oh, we didn’t end up with any left-overs, I didn’t make a side so we had more room for meat!

Thanks ya’ll! Happy cooking!!


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