Vacation Adventures!

My next cooking adventure is taking me to a kitchenette and even that is being generous, we are going to have a dorm size fridge,  microwave, coffee pot and a wet bar sized sink. There isn’t even a grill outside! I have ordered 2 portable electric burners and I am going to take my electric skillet. We may end up eating sandwiches for a week but I think I can chef up some tasty things with basic equipment. I have even made a meal plan specifically for the hardware I will have available and I am excited about the test of my skills.

Breakfasts will be eggs in several forms, a scramble with veggies, ham and cheese omelettes, fried with bacon. Lunches will be soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, sandwiches and chips, we will go into town a couple of days to eat and explore so I don’t have to worry so much about daytime meals and snacks. I do want to try to make us a few nice dinners but it is a vacation so I don’t have anything super fancy planned just steaks and veggies one night and beef stroganoff on another. I also plan on taking some beef stew from the freezer that can be reheated easily. I want to get some salami and cheese and olives to make one of those grazing trays and champagne so we can really feel fancy.

Since the fridge is so small I don’t want to take too much that has to be kept cold. We will travel with an ice chest but it won’t be safe to keep the meats in it for a week so once we get to our accommodations the meats will go in the fridge leaving us with the ice chest for drinks and condiments.


We have returned and I was victorious!! We had a charcuterie plate as a welcome snack followed by beef stroganoff for dinner. Our first breakfast was tomato and cottage cheese followed by a ham, cheese and potato scramble that left us so full that we didn’t eat again until past the usual  dinner hour so I went super light with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

We only went into town one day because it was sooooo cold and it snowed! So our in town eating was very  anti-climactic. We picked a day when almost all of the restaurants were closed because I wasn’t thinking to look at anything besides the menus so our first stop was a pub where we had beer and wings but the wings were wrapped in bacon and jalapeno and cheese of some kind, nothing else on the menu grabbed us so we went to the only other place open which was a place that we had looked at menus for and it looked really fancy  and it was warm and cozy and delightfully old and beautifully decorated. We started with dirty vodka martinis with bleu cheese stuffed olives and they were stirred instead of shaken and super tasty! Beef carpaccio and pan seared scallops were the appetizers then the bartender made me an off menu drink that was to die for but then came our dinner. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to try something and was let down so much. We ordered duck and here is how it is advertised:

Classic Preparation of Half Duckling: Huckleberry citrus jus, dried cranberry wild rice.

 Doesn’t that sound delightful??  I am not sure what went wrong in the kitchen but the jus was just sort of a smudge on the plate, the duck was over cooked and the rice was under cooked. We went back to the room and made sammiches and took a swim in the jacuzzi!

Our last day was short as checkout was 10 a.m. so we just had coffee while we packed up and discussed what we wanted to do about breakfast and we decided on pizza from a gas station, I know this might sound odd but Hunt Brothers pizza is some of the best in the world and only available at truck stops! Lunch was also from a truck stop but this time we went with hot dogs from the roller grill and I promised to make real food for dinner which ended up being mushroom swiss burgers while we unpacked and got everything sorted back to rights.

All in all we had an amazing time and I got to cook simple tasty things and I can’t wait to go back, in the Spring when it’s warm!!

Thanks ya’ll!! Happy Cooking!

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