I baked and it was OK!

Whoo-Hoo!! I baked and didn’t burn down the house or kill anyone. I decided to be simple and make brownies but I did pick out some fancy things to go in them!

The first batch was a plain chocolate brownie mix that I added dried cranberries to. You guys, I didn’t have a clue that I would be making heaven in a pan! I had wanted to add extra chocolate chips but I didn’t have any. I was flabbergasted that I didn’t have any chocolate anywhere in the house. No chocolate! Not a package of cocoa or a stray hersheys kiss left over from Halloween, no package of chips hiding in the back of the fridge, literally no chocolate. Don’t ask how this happens in a house with 2 women because as far as I can tell it was some kind of chocolate rapture! Chocolate woe’s aside the brownies still came out super. I got an 8 ounce package of sweetened dried cranberries and ended up using about half the bag. The berries I picked were already halved but I cut them up a little more so they would go farther, I wanted a bit of berry in every bite. After chopping the berries I added them to the batter and stirred just a few times to get the berries just mixed in. I also put some on top of the brownies once the batter was all situated in the pan. Now if you want to have berries on the top of your things they should be rolled in flour before placing them otherwise they will just sink right to the bottom of the pan. After you get them all topped and pretty throw them in the oven as directed on the package or if you are fancy and make brownies from scratch the follow your recipe. I didn’t change anything about the box instructions because I was only adding a dried fruit, if I had gone for a fresh or raw fruit I would have decreased the amount of liquid that I added to the mix because that fresh fruit will have some water in it that comes out during the baking and you can be left with sort of soggy stuff if you don’t adjust for it.

For the second batch that was going to a house with children I wanted something a bit more gooey and less formal so I chose a package of mix that had caramel for a topping and I also got a bag of Reese’s that had pieces and some tiny peanut butter cups and a bag of caramel chips for the stirring in bit. Again I just followed the package directions because I was only adding dry ingredients. Let’s talk about that caramel topping. I already knew my brownies would not look like the picture on the box but they weren’t even a little close. That caramel stuff was in my opinion too thick and darn near impossible to spread it the way the directions said to but I did my best and I don’t have enough knowledge to tell you any thing different than what the package said except maybe warm up the caramel more than they say so it is a bit more work withable.

All in all it was a successful adventure in the kitchen and everyone got a yummy bit of chocolate love for the holiday!

Thanks ya’ll!! Happy cooking!

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