It has been a fun year of cooking for the boys but this week was our last. I am sad that the schedule I have gotten used to is going to change but I am super proud of them! Bachelors degrees all around!!

To celebrate the end of our year I decided they needed something more fancy than what I regularly feed them and make a nicer place for them to eat than at school where they usually eat. I decided on lobsters and steaks! Asparagus was on sale so they got that too and a simple chopped salad. To begin I raided the linen closet at Grandmas house and found a pretty table setting, I ordered butter warmers, I borrowed claw forks and crackers and went shopping. I had found both the lobsters and the steaks on sale earlier in the week but I didn’t get any of the herbs or citrus because I wanted fresh. I ended up with parsley, dill, diced ham, tomatoes, shallots and 3 bottles of white wine. I had picked up a package of Seafood Herbs when I got the Soup Herbs and lemon grass but I wanted more of what was in the prepackaged mix because whole lobsters require a giant pot of water and I didn’t want the flavors to get lost!

For the steaks I decided to sous vide them mostly because burner space was at a premium with the giant lobster pot hogging up most of the space and also because they just come out so tender and juicy and perfect. Steaks are so easy to overcook and I didn’t want to take any chances with theses perfect tenderloins! Plus I was making a pot of potato leek soup for the next day and pan cooking steaks for the baby and I, No we are no less special our meat was still frozen when I had to start the sous vide so we got regular cooking.

Asparagus. I don’t eat it but the folks in my house love it more than fat kids love cake! The first time I made it for them I read recipes and asked everyone I know how they cook it and now I have a tried and true method that is super simple! Trim off the crunchy stalks, place a single layer on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and season with a pinch of salt and pepper and broil on low for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the stalks. This time since it was for the boys I added some shallots and leeks to the pan so it was more like asparagus with onion candy on top!

Wait! I forgot some things about the lobster water. I added the seafood herbs which are parsley, dill and thyme also I added the last of the lemongrass plus more parsley and dill and two bottles of chardonnay. I didn’t add any citrus to the water because I figured the flavor would be lost but in case it wasn’t I didn’t want to overpower the lobster flavor with it.

After 2 hours in the sous vide bath I pulled the steaks, seasoned them with salt on both sides and let them rest while I heated up a cast iron pan with a bit of grape seed oil. Since the sous vide basically cooks the meat all you want to do is get a final sear for color and a little extra flavor. I started our steaks first, so they would all be ready at the same time, and put the boys on once I had flipped the others.

The salad was super simple, iceberg and romaine chopped and topped with tomato, diced ham and dilled havarti cheese with a red wine vinaigrette dressing.

Let’s plate this all up! On the main plate I put the steak and asparagus, the lobster got its own plate and the salad was served in a chilled bowl. Super simple but like being at a restaurant!

Thanks ya’ll!! Happy cooking!

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