Back in a rut

After 2 solid weeks of stretching my imagination and taking shortcuts I now have time to really enjoy my kitchen yet I am stumped. I shop by what is on sale and there wasn’t anything really exciting on sale this week so we are going to have mushroom swiss burgers, mushroom risotto, baked ham with roasted carrots and mashed potatoes, stuffed shells and spaghetti carbonara.

I am going to try to spice up these recent repeats but I feel like these dishes are just what they are. They are tasty, if they weren’t we wouldn’t be having them again but my heart really isn’t in it. It is probably that I am still a little disappointed from the most recent lackluster meals I have been cranking out.

My idea for the burgers is to add some mushrooms and cheese into the patties along with some fresh garlic. I am also thinking of using a bit of my favorite Korean BBQ spice mix for some extra umami. I will make the topping mushrooms fairly simple so the meat can be the star of the show this time. Toasted buns with a Dijon mustard and mayo mix and romaine lettuce cups to hold the mushrooms and chips and dip on the side.

I have one leek left and that will go into the risotto but from the very beginning instead of as a mix in. There is a package of prosciutto that needs to be used as well so that will get crisped in the oven and chopped for a garnish as well as some parmesan cheese and parsley if I decide to go back to the store.

I don’t have much idea on the stuffed shells. I could look something up or I could just make it up as I go along, we all know this is really how it will go. I will get out all the things and make random choices and hope that it comes out in real life like it is in my head!

The spaghetti is going to be special because my Mom is coming over for dinner! I have been shopping for meats and cheeses and pickled things for 4 days since the main dish is simple I want to have a fancy appetizer and wine for folks to partially fill up on, half full bellies are not happy bellies. Oh, I am making dessert too! Brownies with dried cranberries, cherries and blueberries. Yes the brownies are a mix and No I did not dry my own fruit, shortcuts are not bad!!

We are taking a trip to the Asian market today so I might find some other inspiration but I am really only looking to stock up on the usual things and buy a gift for one of ya’ll!

It is only 10 in the morning so I do have several hours for ideas to be sparked and a better pasta for stuffing than the shells that I have to present itself to me!

Thanks for sticking with me ya’ll!! Happy coffee drinking this morning and may the food ideas always come to you!

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