Beef Short Ribs

When I was reading in The Meat Bible about how to make the perfect pot roast I had skimmed over the bit that talked about short ribs, it said something about cooking low and slow and for longer than you think but since I was in the Pot Roast frame of mind I didn’t really register it. Skip ahead to last week when I was shopping and I found a small package of the short ribs that had been marked down, you know I snapped them up and rummaged around to see if there were any more- there weren’t but that was ok as I am only feeding 2 of us now.

I got a new crock pot for Christmas and the ribs were her maiden voyage! I turned the pot on to high and let it get warmed up while I seasoned the meat liberally with salt and pepper on all of their sides and put them in the pot meat side down and let them start to cook while I got the juice together. I went with 1/2 cup each of balsamic vinegar, worchestershire sauce and veggie broth, I used a whole cup of wine- the hubs had a Merlot open so I went with that where I usually use a Cab. I sliced 2 sweet onions and added them to the pot along the sides and on top on the meat, I also added a sprig of fresh rosemary and thyme and more black pepper before I poured the juice over top.

I started with 4 hours and they hadn’t fallen off the bone by then so I just let them go while I took a nap. After 6 and a half hours the bone slid right out and the meat was very much falling apart! I took the meat out so that I could pour the juice thru the gravy separator then I put the meat back in with just enough juice to keep it moist and I set the pot to warm. After the juice and the grease parted ways I made a cornstarch slurry with a bit of the juice for flavor and got the rest in a small pot on the stove for a simmer. I added a little more garlic and pepper to the juice because I felt like it needed it as well as 4 drops of liquid smoke. Once it got to a simmer I added the slurry and stirred so it didn’t make lumps then turned it down to low.

The hubs is doing the no carbs, high protein, intermittent fasting thing so I made some riced cauliflower that I found in the freezer section at the market and served the meat over top of that and crowned it all with the gravy! I should have had some green beans or something on the side but I wasn’t feeling it so we just had the meat and potato substitute. A simple tomato and cucumber salad would have gone nicely too. Oh well!

Thanks ya’ll and Happy cooking!

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