On deck for this week

I went shopping at Aldi mostly for fresh veggies and eggs but I am always on the look out for my new favorite thing or something cheap to experiment with and this trip I got super lucky with duck breasts and a lamb loin roast. I have unsuccessfully cooked the duck breasts before so this will be a redemption cook where as the lamb will be a true first time.

This being my first time with the lamb roast I reached for The Meat Bible and was let down by there being no mention of a boneless loin roast, or any kind of roast at all from the lamb. They do mention a veal breast roast and it resembles what I have in looks but sheep and cows are not the same. Maybe because they are both young animals they might be close enough? I am going to have to ask the Google! So a quick 10 minutes doesn’t give me what I think I am looking for, I don’t think. I am going to keep looking.

*** I have not given up on the lamb and duck, I just got sidetracked by the Onions and all the chicken that I need to use because my freezer is too full to shop! I will get back to this hopefully next week but in the mean time enjoy the post about onions and the one about the pork dish I did make!

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