Duck Breast

Here I go again. This time I am going to get it right! Here is what I am thinking; Seared Duck Breast with Charred Green Beans and a Cherry Balsamic Reduction.

Despite my best efforts this dish was not successful! It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t something to write to ya’ll about!

I read 7 recipes and they all basically said the same thing so I decided to follow the instructions this time. I got my skillet hot, drizzled in the olive oil, patted the breasts dry, scored and salted the skin and got them in the pan. They sizzled and after the recommended length of time they looked like the pictures so I moved on to the next step of putting them in the oven to finish. This is where I went wrong. My oven is gas and it cooks unevenly and a little hotter so I set it for 5 degrees lower than what I was supposed to. My mistake!! Even if had been too hot for no longer than they were supposed to be in there the meat would have still been OK! I was more worried about overcooking the meat than crisping the fat perfectly even tho the whole point of this try was to get that crispy fat that restaurants get! I was so worried about the main that I made green beans from a can instead of fresh. And the sauce! Cherry Balsamic Reduction sounds delicious and I have made it several times. I was overconfident about the sauce and didn’t get the ratios right so it came out more like vinegar than like cherries.

I did learn from this adventure and sometimes that is just as important as making a tasty dish!

This is what I learned:

  1. Follow the directions exactly
  2. I need an oven thermometer
  3. If you don’t put love in the sauce it turns out bitter

I hope that ya’ll have better luck with your ducks!!

Thanks ya’ll!! Happy cooking!



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