What condition my condition was in..

I work at a grocery store so I know what the shopping situation is like these days. Limit one of this and probably none of that, this isn’t that but it’s close. We are all on the same struggle bus but let’s not panic! We are ready for this! We know that our freezers are stocked already because we shop the sales and our pantry is good because Grandma told us to always be prepared! Now is when we get to be creative!

I started with lasagna which we will talk about next, I am thinking that the key is to make large dishes that will feed us for a couple of days as we are both still working and need lunch and dinner and I don’t want to shop for anything besides the fresh veg. Next I am going to turn a rotisserie chicken into chicken enchiladas and chicken broth that I am going to use in the cream of green chili soup, I will turn my 7 pound bag of onions into stuffed onions, my 3 pounds of tiny tomatoes into guacamole and pasta puttanesca and pico, my 4 pounds of mushrooms into components of the stuffed onions, puttanesca, chicken marsala, meat loaf and maybe just a couple of stuffed ones.

I can’t wait to share this new adventure with ya’ll!!

Happy Cooking!

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