I am sorry

I know that I said I was cooking things and that I would share them but what had happened was, I am considered “essential” so I have been working 10 hour days and then Netflix released Tiger King so in between work and naps I have been lost in a sea of “I met him!!” and  “Holy Noah, what the what!” and “Oh. My. Mary. What did they say?”

Lasagna is on deck, the chicken disaster is coming, the meatloaf success will be shared and I have finally conquered the soup I have been being envious of!

While ya’ll are waiting on me watch Tiger King!! Yes, I am from Oklahoma. Yes, I have met him. No, the hubs doesn’t have a mullet (thank the gods) or a pack of tigers (this might be a minus). He does have lovely teeth, a federal job and no desire to run for either President or Governor.

Thanks for understanding! Watch Tiger King!!!

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