Wow, Life.

Being an essential worker in the time of a pandemic leaves little time for much else. Two rounds of the virus and the associated time off isn’t really time to do anything besides sleep, try to hydrate and think about all that you could be doing since you aren’t at work yet you lack the energy to do anything besides sleep and try to hydrate. Add to this a parent who is a high risk person who can’t wear a mask so they don’t need to go out, a kid who also works in a high people contact environment, a contract job where the contract has been lost and the need for regularly scheduled life to keep being lived.

My cup has runneth over but I am getting out the napkins, pulling up my big girl panties and am now probably, maybe , kind of ready to face this new world! I will do my very best to put out a bi-weekly update! I will start this week, today actually, and I will start with the meal deliveries-yes, I got quite a bit of help while I was busy- and move on to the things I pulled out from the freezer and follow up with things that I made from things on hand because we had a freak ice storm that knocked out power for days and required us to use things in the freezer because it had to be used and there was no power anywhere so we couldn’t shop for 3 days but we had to eat and our people had to eat….

So much life but I have a plan and a way to stick to it so please continue to visit me and feel free to reach out and share your stories of Surviving The Virus or questions about anything food!

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