Cold, cold go away!!

This winter has sucked the will to live right out of me! There is still a pandemic, I am still an essential worker, Oklahoma got record breaking low temps and more snow than we knew what to do with! Thanks to the hubs and Mom for gifting me gadgets for Christmas-An Instapot and Air Fryer and a Bamboo Steamer! I know I am not the only one who was both gifted gadgets and has been too discouraged to cook so I am going to talk about what I have been making with my gadgets and about how my beer fridge in the garage was also a victim of the cold temps and I had to get crafty with what I had on hand that was suddenly thawed after I had already made a meal plan and shopped for the week. Oh, the snow gave me some days off without pay so this weeks meals are going to be a continuation of freezer craft, pantry items, the meal plan I had to adjust and a 50 bucks for fresh veg and things.

We have all been affected in some way by the pandemic and the winter weather. We are spending more time at home, we are adjusting our budgets and priorities, some of our homes have become more like offices and classrooms than like home but to riff of Charles Dickens, let us keep dinner in our hearts and set it aside as a time to just be together, a happy time with no work or school. Altho, Home-Ec classes could make a come-back, teach the kids how to cook, learn about how vegetables are grown, how pasta and bread are made, make a windowsill herb garden that will save on the grocery bill and be pretty, take theses moments around food and make them a joyful experience. We all need one bright spot in our days so let’s turn a “have to” into a “want to” in the simplest way we can, Family Dinner.

Thanks ya’ll!! Happy Cooking!

P.S. For my birthday my Mom got me this sign that says -Love People, Feed Them Tasty Food- and I have decided to take that to heart and I want to bring ya’ll with me, I don’t know much about hashtags and things but I am taking #foodislove and my Instagram account that I haven’t used much alisfoodadventures-No I don’t know how to share a direct link for which I am very sorry and mildly embarrassed- and I am going to share what I create and I would like for ya’ll to use the hashtag and help me create a community where we can inspire each other and share our love for not just food but for our families!

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